Världen för fria sånger P.S. I Love You [How I Met Your Music: Deluxe (Original Television Soundtrack)] 1411 kbps (2014)


P.S. I Love You

P.S. I Love You

S√•ngare:  Cobie Smulders
Sångtexten :

You, you're beautiful
On your pedestal
I see you, you don't see me

Am I just too young?
Or just too dumb?
Or maybe just too grungy?
And I'm wearin' my flannel and I'm thinkin' of you
I lace up my boots and I'm thinkin' of you
I write letters and letters
They never get answered by you!
I'm moosing down donuts and I'm thinking of you
I watch "Reality Bites," I'm thinkin' of you
That movie's so true but all I can do is say
P.S. I love you

The law can't stop my love
I'll fit you like a glove
Restraining orders don't scare me
The lawyers at the record company
Made me promise to say
"That the views expressed in this song
Do not necessarily reflect the views of
Dominant Records or any of its

I'm totally a slacker and I don't even care
With my curling 'zines and my faraway stare
But deep down inside, yeah
Deep down inside, I'm dying
I'm trapped in a cage of the tears I cry
I'm praying to God, but she doesn't reply
Even the robot says --
"Move on..."
P.S. I love you

Why can't you see me?
We could be so happy together
I love to watch you sleep
You look so peaceful when you sleep

Ahhhhhh... Ahhhh...

I'll never move on, it'll always be you!
Every guy that I'm with, I'll be thinking of you
Even if I get married
He'll always be second to you
He'll always be second to you
I'll always be waiting for you!

P.S. I love you

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6.9/10 (röster: 2476)
Tags: Pop 
How I Met Your Music: Deluxe (Original Television Soundtrack)

How I Met Your Music: Deluxe (Original Television Soundtrack)


How I Met Your Music: Deluxe was released after the series How I Met Your Mother ended in 2014‚ÄĒit contains 14 of the most memorable songs of the nine seasons of the series, with vocals of actors Jason Segel, Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan. Cristin Milioti and Neil Patrick Harris. It also includes songs of Boyz II Men, John Swihart and The Solids.

Primary Artists Boyz II Men
Featuring Alan Thicke
You Just Got Slapped by Boyz II Men
Marshall vs. the Machines (Journey to Farhampton) by Jason Segel
Night Night Little Marvin by Jason Segel (Ft. Alyson Hannigan)
On the House by Cobie Smulders
Asking out Lily, Pts. 1 & 2 by Jason Segel
Soul Bang by Sam Moore
P.S. I Love You by Cobie Smulders
La Vie en Rose by Cristin Milioti
You're All Alone by John Swihart
And There She Was by The Solids (Ft. John Swihart)
Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm (Hymym Version) by Wayne Brady (Ft. Alan Thicke)
Barney Makes 3, Pts. 1 & 2 by Neil Patrick Harris (Ft. Ben Vereen, Francis Conroy & John Lithgow)
The Robin by John Swihart
Doppelganger's Tango by John Swihart
Släppte: 2014

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