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Facts (Freestyle)

Facts (Freestyle)

SĂ„ngare:  Vanauley Stacks
SĂ„ngtexten :

I'm not from the 6, but the stick holds six
I'm from T-dot, in and out trap spots like a seesaw
.44 kick back like fifa
Black Glock grip white like zebra
Stacks on deck nigga no visa
A crates baby got scales like libra
You know I'm chasing bread nigga no pita
Me and my girl we like tequila
I drink it straight, she drink magarita
I'm a d boy, shawty a diva
Before I leave the house I load up my nina
I'm rolling rolling, pussy got his chain stolen
Long live P, tat is on me, cops are on me
Tav is on me, drugs is on me, designer on me
Opps hate me, they bitches love me
What you need I got it all
My traphouse a shopping mall
16 shot like Paul Gasol
I love my niggas we some shooters, never played no basketball
Me and Premo made it happen, 100k all off trapping
I told Premo watch your back, everything I say is facts
Lost 10k I made it back, lost 30k I made it double
Mastermind I made a bubble but I can't stay out of trouble
These niggas leeching they are lazy, on V-walk with ruse 380
Should've been a 80s babies, I went to jail got banned
Niggas started moving shady, even tho I helped them daily
Should've been like fuck you, pay me
Should've left like I'm McGrady
These niggas funny Tyler Perry, watch out for the Tom and Jerry's
Watch you need 3 half a ball, meet me all the way in Barrie
COD don't try to play me, most hated Vanaluey made me
All alone my momma raised me, even tho I drove her crazy
She will always be my lady, got stabbed bullets grazed me
But I'm still here V-walk baby 13, nickling, diming 16
Started shining 24, wrist full of diamonds caught him slipping
Perfect timing, work on deck somebody buying
If it don't work keep on trying
Niggas snitching, niggas lying
You're a panda, I'm a lion
DBS we cause a riot
Shooting shit like Kobe Bryant
Bodies flying, mommas crying
Phone been tapped these feds is spying
Talk in person just be quiet
Stay loyal never switch
Stay loyal never diss
Point blank range I never miss
Niggas working with the feds
What part of the game is this?
Vanaluey Walk nigga

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