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Zombies from Hell

Zombies from Hell

SĂ„ngare:  T-Ride
SĂ„ngtexten :

Got a sight of something later the other night
Made the blood in my veins run colder than ice
In the TV's glow my mind's on
Cruise control
The man on television says we're under attack
From rockin'

Rock and roll zombies from Hell

(Death) Chicago
(Destruction) San Francisco
(Gone) Newark
(Dust) Los Angeles
(Trashed) Pittsburgh
(Killed) Miami
(Lost) New Orleans
(Desolate) San Diego
(Slayed) Detroit
(Burned) Tallahassee
(Flat) Dallas
(Torched) New York, New York

Better burn your records, set 'em all alight
Lock up all your windows, better shutter 'em up tight
Watch where your kids go, keep 'em all
Home at night
Better get ourselves together or we'll all be wasted

Rock and roll zombies from Hell (rockin')
Rock and roll zombies from Hell

Years ago in a happier time
Everything was right
But somewhere in paradise, blazing red eyes
Drilled holes in the night

Ain't no stopping what we got under construction
When we lay it down, don't dare miss our production
Won't be satisfied till you're in full reduction
We are here to stay, we are the earth's destruction

Even though you try, there ain't any use
Putting up your best fight
You couldn't win no matter
Whether or not you try with all your might

You don't know that you're dealing out of your league
You best just come around to see
The enemy's won, Earth's begun
To crash down to the ground

Shoulda seen the warnings
Shoulda been concerned
But when a clue was offered
Your back was always turned

So take it on your feet
Though all hope is gone
If you wipe the tears from out of your eyes
You'll see that I was right all along

Now up in your room, you hide yourself away
Seems you're losing touch a little bit more
With every passing day
Maybe it's a nightmare from which you can't escape

And there's something breathing out there under your fire escape
Zombies from hell

HĂ€mta formater:APE, WMA, ASF, MMF, VQF, XM
7.6/10 (röster: 2504)
Tags: Pop 


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SlÀppte: 1992

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