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SĂĄngare:  Logic

“illuminatro” is the intro to Logic’s Bobby Tarantino mixtape. The track segues into “Flexicution,” parts of which begin playing toward the end of “illuminatro.”

The title “illuminatro” combines the words “Intro” and “Illuminati,” a reference to the track’s disguised nature.

Recorded and then reversed to disguise Logic’s words, the track holds a special message for all of the RattPack and Bobbysoxers.

Logic said in an interview with HardKnock TV that this track is meant to be played backwards—it’s an easter egg in the mixtape.

Written By Logic
Recording Engineer Robert Campbell
Record Label Visionary Music Group Def Jam Recordings
Vocals Logic
Additional Vocals John Lindahl Jessica Andrea
Mixing Robert Campbell
Release Date June 30, 2016
SĂĄngtexten :

Reversed Speech: Logic
I'ma keep this short
I am, ah
Currently on my...
My world tour
For The Incredible True Story
Uh, don’t think too much into this shit, man
Just have fun with it, it’s that simple
I just wanna turn up
It’s crazy to think I’m currently on this tour
I’m working on two albums
The first of which that you will hear
Just know that
After this turn up shit
After this fun shit, yo, man
You’re in store for something special
Don’t think too much, man, just shut the fuck up and enjoy it

Segue: John Lindahl
Ahhh bro
It’s been a hell of a ride up
It’s been a hell of a ride up

Hämta formater:APE, WMA, ASF, MMF, AHX
8.1/10 (röster: 2538)
Tags: Rap  Trap  Def jam  Dmv  Vmg 
Bobby Tarantino

Bobby Tarantino


Almost a year after the release of his sophomore album, The Incredible True Story, Logic surprised his fans with Bobby Tarantino on July 1st.

He explained that this mixtape was for his fans to turn up in the summer via Twitter:

During the weeks leading up to the mixtape’s release, he had released two singles off of it. This consisted of “Flexicution,” and “Wrist,” He had also previewed some of these tracks on his Snapchat.

This mixtape was completely produced by Logic’s in-house producer 6ix. The only artist to be featured on this mixtape is Pusha-T.

On March 9th, 2018, Logic released the sequel, Bobby Tarantino II.

Featuring Pusha-T
Producers 6ix
Writers Barrington Levy
Additional Vocals Barrington Levy
Additional Vocals By Juicy J
The Jam
Slave II
A Word From Our Sponsor
Wrist (Ft. Pusha-T)
Super Mario World
Studio Ambience At Night: Malibu
44 Bars
Deeper Than Money
Bobby Tarantino Credits
Bobby Tarantino Tracklist + Album Artwork
Släppte: July 1, 2016

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