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'Bout to Drown

'Bout to Drown

SĂĄngare:  TJ Stafford
SĂĄngtexten :

Far from a place where the people go see the opera
Knockin’ on this door you in search of somethin’ not popular
A town so little you know everyone that there was
So what was o so common you lucky to catch the county bus
You know your neighbor like you know your own
You share your table to a stranger like the local folk
You lucky if you see the uppertown
Some say you got a better chance searchin’ pot of gold

Battle over money, politics, bees all swarm over honey
Sittin’ on the front porch never seen the mailman come on a Sunday

I ain't seen the light of day
Stepped out the boat but I’m sinkin in the water
Feel like I’m in a womb
Can’t walk on the waves when the river pulls me under
Road on the end of town
Can’t see the sun when the rain’s pourin’ down
No way out or through
Feel like I’m bout to, feel like I’m bout to drown

So you got goals, you got plans, even dreams
But where you stand your surroundings limit things
If we was born in a more adaptive scene
Where the opportunity wasn’t so far & in between
A fish can swim in water, a lake or tank
Either way those fins are flappin but Emo got bigger things
From a choice that we been rapping paralegal flyin’ planes
Start the nursin’ dancin’ actin’ & practice the meditate
No voucher made of hope that don’t exist in our space
A small corner to scope barely can point & locate
If I don’t stand up for no stance there ain't no pedestal place
If it was that then steppin’ would be better to take
I’m drownin’

Oh Child, what do you see
Trouble in the water
The Spirit’s comin’ on me
He’s troublin’ the water

Med:Michael "Smidi" Smith
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7/10 (röster: 1619)
Tags: Country 
Urban Country

Urban Country

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Primary Artists Extreme Music
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'Bout to Drown by TJ Stafford (Ft. Michael "Smidi" Smith)
Släppte: 2015

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