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Lek Dreams

Lek Dreams

SĂ„ngare:  Ochuka

Lek is somewhat pastoral with bluesy memories. It livens poetry as life being a soul herding in the wild, uncertain places. The stretch/party/dance can be long, but it warns that staying woke and enlightened, although being a painful path, helps in discerning the treads of humanity without unnecessary hinderances of war.

I remember the day grandpa died, the gloomy evening witha burning sky. And i make peace with myself that when i die of cancer which i have been battling for 5-years my people should feel beautiful even in grief because dreams are song of leaves falling, so we pass them on and share with the world.

This track likens life with a pastoral monograph. I see life as herding in the wild, uncertain, distances and one ought to stay woke in soul, mind and heart.

The world is a peculiar place. Potsherds, pieces of the puzzle people walk on towards the grave, but when we birth infinite revolutions within ourselves we get to determine our courses than trusting failed and iconically deranged systems. I visualize peace, if i don’t make it out of cancer. And i find comfort in knowing dreams pass on from one share of soul to the next.

Written By Omobdi Ochuka
Release Date September 1, 2016
SĂ„ngtexten :

Track 4 - Lek

Kwath kite galagala
K’ayula kwanyi nono to chunyi ling'ore e bugo
Budho iye lach, remb rombe mieno thigo
Nyakach Ogero, ketwa gi Lang'o wasigu ng'ogo remo
Thuol malich oidho ng'ede joneno wuoro ka misango
Ka pii omwomo bor, to lit ong'awi gi eng'ango

Gweng' otur, otore k’aguch tago
Jaduong' oninde bade, pinyno dum buru ka polo wang' mach
Wuoth kodwa, rameny menynwa yoo
Chunyie ng'ato, kendo wichie dhano
Achuoga oidho ojuok
ka sama yamo kudho to miel otimo newa
Kayula oyudha yuth nono, jopolo loruru mondukawa
Koth mawang'e tek emago wii rabondo

Jodhoho rito hono e tie yao motimo otwodo
Ondieg ndalo giko owicho dhoge kod remo
Jomin buche loko dhoch sama bunge keto koke e oboke kuo
Ng'ol ok en tuo, ka rem to waduto waonge gimoro
Tho tosingi, ko a chon nyala chil kawuono
Kalam ong'ok e buk, omiyo sombwa lal ka yamo
Ka chieng' alwar somnauru misa
Chieng' upara chieng' ukowagi lamo

HĂ€mta formater:ALAC, ASF, DTS, MMF
6.5/10 (röster: 216)
Tags: Rap 
Hembko Yiko

Hembko Yiko

Beskrivning: -
Producers Kondor
Writers Omobdi Ochuka
Lek Dreams
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