Gratis musik för min iPhone Mz. Locum (2018) MP3 [Here Lies The Body]


Mz. Locum

Mz. Locum

Sångare:  Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert
Release Date May 11, 2018
Sångtexten :

My locum’s always thought that she married much too young
She says she’s just a love song still waiting to be sung
I tried it on
We both got off
Then she went back to her man
She knows me
She owns me;
Every smile and each wink
Pervades my every move and every thought I think

She told me her troubles, she said ‘What should I do, then?’
She said she fancied a change; I said ‘Well, I fancy you, hen!’
I fell on my knees
To plead my pleas
She kicked me square in the heart:
She chucked me
Then ... well ...
The way she walks away!
The White Tigress with a sway you must obey
I’m her prurient proxy
Her discounted doxy;
Without her, I’ll live, but less so
I’ll miss her contentions
And shameless suggestions;
I’ll pine for her put-downs, I know
She’s a bombshell in leggings
A goddess in jeggings
But she’s best when they’re all on the floor
And she signs her prescriptions
To treat my addictions
With x’s and o’s and much more

But now I’m clean, I’m sober; I’m over her, and now I must say:

Goodbye – good luck! – to my capricious contrarian
My blissoming blonde, my wee louche libertarian
Long may you roam
Away from home
But you can rest here no more
Don’t kiss me
Don’t diss me –
I’m only scared of the sun
And if this was a game, you’re a maestro – don’t worry, you’ve won!

So night night. I’m off back to the grind; I know my place, I serve another. And I know you won’t miss me. I’m not even sure you know I’m here

Hämta formater: ASF, APE, MP3, DTS
9.7/10 (röster: 1180)
Tags: Rock 
Here Lies The Body

Here Lies The Body

Beskrivning: -
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Släppte: May 11, 2018

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