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Out Of My Mind

Out Of My Mind

SĂĄngare:  Rah-C
SĂĄngtexten :

Verse 1
I’m sitting in my room on a Friday night
No one else but me
Could’ve been away at college but I’m making history
Are my exes missing me
Cause I’m straying from agenda
I would die before surrender
Spitting sick like influenza
This is it
Feel it through my bones like a static shock
Flow is automatic
And I hope to have a lot
Had to move away to grow
Like slow-mo it took a while
Low profile work hard so my mama smile
She been stressed out
Work got her in rut
Tell her I'ma cover all her debit feel it in my gut
But for now I gotta putt for the birdie
I can’t wait to see the money that I’m making when I’m thirty
Don’t deserve me if you ever doubted
Cause I move with a small crew
And that room crowded
Now I’m re-routed with a little bit of confidence
Happy when my loved ones striving with accomplishments
But, all you gotta do is imagine more
Live with compassion ’til my body sore
Speak with your action better then before
This the real me you cannot ignore
I’ll be set free jet skis in my lobby flow
Bring em to the beach
You only say you can’t because these people told you that it’s out of reach
Drink bleach if you try to throw dirt on my name
I’m hard working motherfucker I deserve the fame now

I'm out of my mind
Or do I really think I have chance
I want it it’s mine
Always saw it first no second glance

Verse 2
This the better verse where I’m supposed to put a front on
Block away the pain not a person you should punt on
If you didn’t understand that
Then I wouldn’t feel a way
Never stressing bout tomorrow cause we only have today
Used to pray for a chance that I’d get to go on sway
Yeah I made it happen fast
Always working no delay
Everybody love her ass but it don’t match the attitude
Show the whole world love and gratitude
I’m a big fan of the fatter food
But I gotta diet
Put my heart in what I love recommend you all to try it
Staying quiet is the waste of an opportunity to speak
I’ll keep growing while you peak
Same damn goal just a new week
Learning how to shine
I envision I’ll be given everything I want in time
Man it isn’t worth a dime
If you don’t feel the high
Cause you’ll never know the truth if you’re too afraid to try

I'm out of my mind
Or do I really think I have chance
I want it it’s mine
Always saw it first no second glance

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