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Looking For Tha Chewin'

Looking For Tha Chewin'

SĂ„ngare:  DJ Paul
Written By 8Ball , MJG , Kingpin Skinny Pimp
Sampled In AzzTittiez by Hypnotize Camp Posse
SĂ„ngtexten :

Verse 1: Skinny Pimp
The Skinny nigga is in the house
I'm pickin out the stoutest bitches, so I can get
The stickin of a playa, I'm stabbin and grabbin
The ass with a grip, you sweattin, your pussy's wet
You see, you're layin in the bed with a project Pimp
Here's what I do, I hit the pussy, and then I jump
They call me skinny, it's just another name for Goldie
I'm playin these hoes like Tonka, fuck a slap, they get a pimp stomp
Who wants the screwin, I want the chewin, pull up your britches
Say ahh, not a thermometer, bitch, it's the 9 inches
The diggidy diggidy dick in your lips, ahh yeah
Cause if the chewin is what you're doin, put the cap in my lap
Yo, you best to believe before they lay me, they gotta pay me
I'm lookin for the chewin, I'm askin if that cap's goin
And, If the answer be yes, watch a ho fall in love
With a fat mack dick
I get em full, and then I stab em with the butcher knife
In their mouth, lickin it up and down, and I be like damn
The dick in the mouth, and these bitches are lookin for love
But Skinny ain't barrin that shit cause I'm lookin for the chewin

Verse 2: 8Ball
Eightball is lookin for the chewin, that's what I be doin
A ho to suck and suck and lick my dick until I'm shootin scotch
Limpin off of gin, shoot again, flow again, then
Zip up my pants, cause it's time to get in the wind, ho
No, I'm not that nigga that be hugged up with your butt
I'm the one walkin away, when your mouth is full of nutt
Fuck bein your boyfriend, I'm not with relationships
All I wanna do is stick my dick between your perchy lips
See I need a pro-type ho that knows how to treat a pimp
Bimbs leavin my room walkin funny with a limp
Drink a Yak, Smoke a sack, kick back like a fat mack
Slip into my jimmy hat, then comence to breakin your back
Fuckin ya on the bed, while your head hits the wall ho
Fuck me, suck me, jack me till me dick is standin tall ho
Don't expect no money, cause a PIMP don't pay no sucka
Jump in the ride, head to the room, time for me to fuck her
Bitcha, it's time to sticka, then I will quickly jet
Ride off in the sunset, leavin the bitches' pussies wet
See, I'm just a playa, pimpin, that's what I be doin
I'm also just another nigga lookin for the chewin

Verse 3: MJG
M-J fuckin G, D-I-C-K
Ejaculation, demonstratin that pimp niggas don't play
And I want you chewin bitches, b/c I'm persuin this
Style of a rapper that likes a trick that can suck a dick
With class and much heart, come on and I'ma part your lips
So don't trip, and suck with a tight grip
Cause MJG just gotta be in control bitch
I'm holdin my title, I'm droppin funky recitles with
Just styles on top of styles, now that's how you fuck a ho
Once in the bed, a couple times on the kitchen flo
If she says no, so, fuck it and get up and go
Cause I got too much dick to give it all to one ho
Professional dick suckers, grab my front and center
Open your mouth and give a place to get enter, then the
Your jaws I'll get to sticken, the walls they split
A pimp nigga hittin, and ain't about to be quittin
Then you can swallow my dick? I'll havin you shittin the bricks
Drank up a coke, and take a smoke, until you finish the lick, bitch
The game you laid out, that old shit plaid out
I know what you're doin, and MJG is lookin for the chewin

Verse 4: DJ Zirk

Verse 5: Kilo G

Med:Kilo-G , DJ Zirk , Kingpin Skinny Pimp , 2 more
Producerad:DJ Squeeky
HĂ€mta formater:ALAC, ASF, DTS, MMF, DSD, DXD
7.6/10 (röster: 1129)
Tags: Rap 
Volume 6

Volume 6

Beskrivning: -
Featuring 8Ball
Producers DJ Squeeky
Writers 8Ball
Bitches Ain't Shit
Looking For Tha Chewin' (Ft. 8Ball, DJ Zirk, Kilo-G, Kingpin Skinny Pimp & MJG)
SlÀppte: 1992

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