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Whoa Flow

Whoa Flow

SĂ„ngare:  Tite
SĂ„ngtexten :

Trunk crack feel foul, now where that boy Dez
I done hit the Ike, and scooped up that boy Redd
Flossing through the city, on the grind getting gritty
I let the top back, and left them bops looking shitty
I'm riding looking pretty, like a yellow bone bitch
I done swung lanes, almost hit the damn bitch
I saw that boy Dez, at the sto with a fo'
Maul in the seat, blowing on the optimoe
It's that boy Tite, on the mic going hard
I got a three hundred pound, big body guard
And boys Bog Rob, hold it down everytime
Since the 9-9, it's been my time to shine
Baguettes around my neck, with Maurquice's on my pinky
A stunner riding Hummer, and them hoes on my slinky
I'ma wave trunk, neon read Mr. Tite
Yellow bones naked, on my screen every night
Via satellite, mayn I gotta stay thoed
Sweets got me blowed, off my head story told
Now I can pimp the pen, or I can wreck the damn flow
I let my trunk drag, while the insides glow
I'm a young pro, and them hoes love to bop
I'm riding on chops, talking bout mind on blocks
I went down to Asia, fucking hoes in Jamaica
If you holding plex, I'ma let you meet your maker
I done turned heads, when I grab my remote
Clarion crunk, and my trunk getting broke
Slab looking better, than a yellow what hoe
When I swang lanes, everybody yell whoa
There that boy go, catch the gleam from my ring
And fuck what you heard, we the Freestyle Kingz

Yeah, don't let it fool you
We the real deal, you listening to Tite
The D3 Nutt, back to the hood you heard

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