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The Untold Story

The Untold Story

SĂ„ngare:  DELILAH (US)

This song ends the album with an eerie tone, one that questions everything built before it in the album. The album is a chronology of fame, and this song explains the dark side of success.

Written By Dean Reynolds
Release Date May 18, 2018
SĂ„ngtexten :

People I'll never see again
In a crowded hotel room, Without a friend
Ever since rome
There was never a home
Only the next hotel
Another chance to get stoned

There is no substance
Only substances
And no true friends
Only aquantances

And the days go by
So long that they fade away
The only time that's too short, is the time we play

There she lays sleeping on the bed
I forgot her name not much was said
I haven't been in love
Too much time on the road
But I cannot be alone
So I'll pretend we are in love

I can't last the emptiness
But every night I pretend
To be the man they expect
And for that shows very best

How long will I even last?
What place will I be in next?
How lucky I had to get
To be in such quiet distress

And maybe, maybe
I'm just so used to complaining
How can this life be restraining
The crowds they scream and praise me
This is the untold story
The untold story

Where the dream turns into a nightmare
While water turns into wine here
There's anything I desire
From the frying pan
Into the fire

This is the untold story
This is the untold story

Producerad:Dean Reynolds
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8.3/10 (röster: 2843)
Tags: Rock  Ballad 
Paint Me the Future

Paint Me the Future


Their debut album “Paint Me the Future” is a musical chronology of “making it”, and the fame, glamour, and excess that comes with it. The album entertains the question as to what the future may hold for the duo, a future of excitement and fast living, as in the title track, as well as in “All or Nothing”, or the bleakness of being forever tired, as in “Melancholy Fever” and “The Untold Story”. The album is honest, yet imaginative, as it not only encapsulates the raw feeling of being young and driven, but it also is imaginatively-honest in its depiction of how age and weary deteriorates the youth of a touring musician.

For two artists who are not famous (yet), and who are both young and hungry; encapsulating these complex emotions is a real feat of writing, and a breath of fresh air in an industry oversaturated with love songs that miss the mark.

Producer Dean Reynolds
Writers Dean Reynolds
Producers Dean Reynolds
Writers Dean Reynolds
Paint Me the Future
Thrown Dart
All or Nothing
Melancholy Fever
Call Me Captain Ahab
If You Didn't Know My Name?
Buried Deep
The Untold Story
SlÀppte: May 18, 2018

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