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On My Way

On My Way

SĂ„ngare:  J-Po

Dropped February 12, 2016, this song is the second round of fire to blast the haters after “Payday.” Now ‘back on another beat,’ he is most definitely spitting more heat, once again stating his dominance in the LYT and rap game, and as always, dissing the haters. Representing 90 degree, and dissing two fellow Youtubers from the LYT, Ethan Cookee and Ryan Shifman, Jay is on his way, to bring the pain train.

SĂ„ngtexten :

Verse 1: J-Po
Guess what? J-Po is back on another beat
Spitting more heat yeah ain't that neat?
No athlete but you know I compete
Payday's on repeat
Making money like I'm on Wall Street
Lately I've been in the hot seat
Verses go hard like concrete
Haters won't accept defeat
Toss them like a receipt
Chewing haters up like lunch meat

To be honest I'm a pretty good guy
But all these kids are getting annoying just like a fruit fly
My crew 90 Degree keep it tight like a tie
Every verse I hit is just like a bulls eye
You know your boy has a lot in store
Kill every verse like I'm tryna start a war
Someone like me as rare as diamond ore
I hear you all when you say you want more, more

(But there's a few things I gotta get out of the way...)
I don't think I'm gangster, I don't think I'm black
I might be Jewish but my rhymes ain't whack
So stop talking smack, my flow cold like an ice pack
My channel on playback
Dunking on you like Shaq
I got new stuff coming remember that
Stomping on you like a doormat
You talk shit but I don't see you putting out tracks where they at?

Hook: J-Po
Gotta tell them that I'm on my way
Going nowhere I'm here to stay
Gotta tell them that I'm on my way, I'm on my way

Verse 2: J-Po
Enough of the chitchat, resulting to combat
Hit them with a bat and make them fall flat
Shiffy and Ethan: YouTube's my habitat
I'm the one on top, you two are the copycats
Feeding off each other like rats
Ethan you shit-post who the hell does that?
Looking like a mole rat
Oops lemme get back on topic because this ain't a damn diss track

My channel stay popping like a toaster
I'm feeling a little bit faded but I stay sober
My cloud stay up but I'm not a smoker
The way I'm eating the competition up is not kosher

If you're gonna roast then you'll get exposed
Leave you like Kanye West after Amber Rose
Only in my dreams will I sell out shows
But at least my rhymes ain't cheesy like Domino's

Keep the competition on their toes
Running through the six with their woes
Jewish so say I got a big nose
You say you're with your girl and you're taking photos?
Who you kidding bro you ain't got any hoe's

If you didn't know I'm the one who has been buzzing
I'm the one who has all the haters still fussing
As you can see my flow ain't disgusting
I'm in this for real and there is no discussion

Producerad:Yeti Beats
HĂ€mta formater:ALAC, ASF, DTS, MMF
7.6/10 (röster: 1665)
Tags: Rap 


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